Lauric Arginate is an effective food grade antimicrobial
Lower bacteria levels and cook with better food.
Lowdown On Lauric Arginate

As more and more food products are produced on a large industrial scale and distributed over extensive geographic areas, the concerns regarding quality and food safety throughout the shelf life of the product have become more and more critical. Effective control of bacterial growth is a constant concern due to the risk of spoilage and food-borne disease. The federal government continually estimates that 76 million cases of food-borne illnesses occur each year in the U.S. alone, resulting in 300,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths annually.

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Antimicrobials On Food

The effective use of antimicrobials in food products is best summarized in P. Michael Davidson, John N. Sofos and A. L. Branen’s recently published third edition of Antimicrobials In Food. Antimicrobials continue to be one of the most important classes of food additives 

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lysteriaThe FDA estimates that there are about 48 million reported cases of foodborne illnesses each year.  That equates to 1 in 6 individuals who are affected by some form of foodborne illness. The FDA also estimates there are 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths directly related to foodborne illnesses.

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